About Us

Kerala Residential High School Pandikasala under the patronage of Tirurangadi Education and Charitable Trust has redefined the educational concept of the region with an innovative system oflearning and fully equipped infrastructure.

We provide our children learning experience apan from the four walls of classroom. We focus on the shift from the conventional system of learning to a well enhanced modern system of education and produce young minds with a perfect personality through training their physical, emotional, intellectual, imaginative as well as spiritual aspects.

We are fully content that we have contributed a vibrant fraternity of students with excellence in curricular and co-curricular activities. the main motive of K.R.H.S management is to bring forth Kerala Residential High School to the topmost position with best scholastic and co-scholastic achievements and also having modern facilities in India itself.

To make our vision come true we are striving to empower our students in a caring and friendly atmosphere and providing an outstanding fraternity of facullties.

Our vision is to emerge as a world class school that provides quality education with modern facilities by blending physical, emotional, intellectual, imaginative as well as spiritual aspects to deliver best citizens of the world.